Merchandise - Tips for searching

Tips for searching merchandise companies

The Unsigned Guide contains contact details for merchandise companies who can provide badges, stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, caps, keyrings, pens, branded drum skins, plectrums, record bags or anything else you may need to help promote your music.

Look for merchandise companies that are based locally to you & give them a call to make enquiries. We recommend getting a few quotes from different places to get the best price and it can always be a good idea to chat to other bands & artists you know from the area to see if there are any merch companies they’ve used in the past that they recommend.

What’s in a Merchandise listing?

• Contact details
• Social media profiles (where applicable)
• Contact name(s)
• Products they can provide
• Whether they have an in-house design team
• If they can cater for small runs
• Whether they have worked with musicians, bands or music industry in the past


NB. Please note The Unsigned Guide can only publish the contact details and information that each individual company gives us permission to make publicly available so the level of detail in some listings can vary. We do our best to encourage companies and individuals listed to give as much info as possible to make sure the listings are helpful to you.

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